Are you ready to find a lasting solution to your computer and IT needs?
For expert computer services in the Brisbane area contact the Less Stress team today.

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Are you having problems with your home or office computers?

Is your business suffering due to poor IT support?

Do you need a new or upgraded PC, laptop or Mac?

Do you need help with your software?

If yes, Less Stress Computer Services Brisbane has the solutions you need.

Here at Less Stress, we are specialists in all kinds of computer repairs, computer services and technical support for your business and home. Our experience has made us one of the most trusted companies for computer help in the greater Brisbane region.

Our computer repairs and computer services in Brisbane cover many IT aspects, because we aim to be the one-stop shop you can always contact when you have computer problems.

Why Choose Us

Wondering why you should choose us for computer help in Brisbane? Here is what we have to offer you:

Quick, and excellent service

Right from the moment you get in touch with us at Less Stress, we start working on providing you with high quality computer repairs. We understand how important your time is and endeavour to provide you with the quickest turnaround time possible.

In-home and in-shop services

We are one of the few companies to offer both in-home and in-shop repair services. Whether you want to bring your computer to our Less Stress premises or you would like us to come to your home or office for computer help in Brisbane, we can offer any IT services you need.

Experienced team

Our team of technicians have vast experience and expertise and are eager to assist our clients. They are committed to staying up to date with the latest technologies, and explaining everything in everyday language.

Affordable pricing with no hidden charges

Our computer repairs and services come at an affordable and competitive rate. We are honest and transparent with our pricing – once we have given you our price, we do not add extra charges for the agreed work.

What Our Clients Say

At Stress Less Computer Services we pride ourselves on our high quality services and customer service.
Check out some testimonials below relating to our services and repairs.

Jadene S.

The friendly technician diagnosed my problem and got my computer software issues resolved. I very much appreciate their honesty, integrity and customer service. Thank you.

Stevie B.

Somehow, I got a liquid spill on my laptop while drinking a glass of water. I picked up my mobile and called Less Stress Computer Services – the technician was empathetic and kind. He got my laptop fixed same day. I am happy to know a company that provides reliable service with the most pleasant attitude.

Ellen V.

The first technician I gave my desktop to for a hard drive replacement left my desktop system in a complete mess. Thanks to my friend who introduced me to Less Stress technicians. It was a good experience having a computer repaired. Less Stress technicians are second to none and I highly recommend them to anyone!

Leigh M.

These guys are incredible! Very helpful with my password recovery. I had never used their service before but I tried them anyway and am very glad I did.

Bruce W.

As a new graphic designer, I was not entirely sure of the brand or model of laptop to get since there are many new laptops on the market. After a brief discussion with someone from Less Stress Computer Services, I got clarity on the type of laptop that suits my business. I cannot thank you guys enough for your support.

David M.

I was working on my computer when suddenly it crashed. I was not able to access anything so I called a technician over at Less Stress. He got my computer repaired the same day. I recommend Less Stress Computer Services for any computer crash issues.


Are you ready to find a lasting solution to your computer and IT needs?
For expert computer services in the Brisbane area contact the Less Stress team today.