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Desktop and Laptop PC Repairs Brisbane

For reliable desktop and laptop PC repairs Brisbane can rely on Less Stress Computer Services. Just drop your desktop or laptop PC at our office, and we will repair it for you as soon as possible. We can also provide on-site and remote computer repairs for our customers anywhere in the Brisbane area. All you need to do is to contact us at Less Stress Computer Services, and our experts will be at your service fast.

A team of desktop and laptop specialists

The secret of our unrivalled desktop and laptop PC repairs service at Less Stress is our team of technical specialists. We have built our team around individuals who have been trained and have the knowledge needed to provide the best services. Each computer repairer at Less Stress has worked on many different brands and has extensive experience.

Our computer repairers are not just professional in the delivery of their services; they are courteous and transparent with every laptop repair or desktop repair service that they deliver. When you choose us at Less Stress Computer Services for your repairs, you have undoubtedly made a smart choice, because you will get help from some of the most experienced and skilled professionals in the field.

A team of desktop and laptop specialists
Full range of desktop and laptop PC repairs

Full range of desktop and laptop PC repairs

Whether the problem you are having with your computer involves motherboard failure, hard drive failure or power supply failure, we can service your needs at Less Stress. The full range of services we can deliver include:

  • Repair of broken laptop screen
  • Repair of keyboard or DC jack of any laptop of any brand
  • Replacement of faulty battery
  • Replacement of power supply adapters
  • Replacement or repairs of laptop or desktop hard drives
  • Repair or replacement of faulty laptop fan
  • Solutions to antivirus and malware
  • Solutions to computer that does not power on or boot up
  • Solutions to software errors
  • Solutions to blue screen, slow computer, slow internet and wireless connections.

Whatever the problems may be, our computer repairers are undoubtedly going to provide the solutions you need.


Turn to us at Less Stress now for unsurpassed and affordable desktop and laptop PC repairs.