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Virus Removal and Virus Protection Brisbane

For reliable computer virus removal and virus protection Brisbane can rely on Less Stress Computer Services.

Unfortunately there are many opportunities online when your computer can be put at risk of virus infection or malware. Typical malware you may be susceptible to include malicious software, trojans and viruses, that are designed to interfere with the operations of your computer, or obtain your personal information.

Types of Viruses and Malware

The types of malicious software you may be affected by include:

  • Computer Worms
  • Trojan horses
  • Viruses
  • Adware
  • Spyware
  • Rootkits
  • Logic bombs.

It’s okay though if you don’t know exactly what is impacting your computer. The experts at Less Stress Computer Services can take care of it for you and look after virus removal and virus protection.

We detect all types of Viruses and Malware
How viruses work

How viruses work

Malware and viruses are usually about tricking computer users. You will either install something or click on a tab, and that allows the malware to begin its mission. Be wary of clicking on redirected tabs on sites that offer free services or software. You may get pop-ups that inform you that your system is infected and you will be urged to clean and scan.

What happens when a malware invades your computer system? Any or all of the following may occur:

  • It replicates itself into the different parts of your computer system
  • Bombarding of your browser with advertisements
  • Rendering your device inoperable by breaking system components
  • Blocking access to files or even the entire system
  • Can install applications that capture keystrokes.
Signs That Your Computer Contains Malware

One of the signs that your computer has malware is that your applications may run slowly or not at all.

Sometimes, you will receive annoying ads and pop-ups on your screen. If you have not added such an extension, then there may be an unwelcome guest in your computer.

There are three things you should do to prevent such a scenario.

  • Do not click on suspicious looking emails
  • Take care when downloading free applications
  • Do not click on popup windows that you don’t recognise.

If you are still not sure, then let a professional who has experience in virus removal and virus protection take a look at your device.

Signs That Your Computer Contains Malware
How to Protect Your Device against Malware

How to Protect Your Device against Malware

Prevention is better than cure, and any anti-virus software is better than none. Something can usually be salvaged when you protect your device so ensure that you have an active antivirus program, firewall, and strong usernames and passwords.

A computer repairs service such as Less Stress Computer Services can offer virus removal and virus protection.


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