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My computer was having a startup problem – the computer wouldn’t boot. I did in-depth research on computer repairers in my area and finally chose Less Stress Computer Services for my computer repair. I definitely made the right choice.

Paul S.

I was working on my computer when suddenly it crashed. I was not able to access anything so I called a technician over at Less Stress. He got my computer repaired the same day. I recommend Less Stress Computer Services for any computer crash issues.

David M.

I run a small business in Brisbane and have used Less Stress Computer Services many times to fix the blue screen or lines across the screen of my computers. Less Stress technicians are simply the best!

John .B

This past week I was having crazy hardware problems with my most recent laptop! The technician was able to immediately identify faulty parts of my desktop and get it replaced. Now my desktop is working perfectly!

Sherry G.

Got to my office on a Monday morning – reset my internet but it did not work. I tried endlessly to resolve the internet connection difficulties to no avail. I felt like my world was crashing. Danny, my brother, was far away, however, he recommended a guy from Less Stress. Within five minutes he was already at my office. He got it resolved and I got back to business. I'm very happy and I will definitely recommend Less Stress Service anytime.

Robert C.

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