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Less Stress: Your one stop shop for laptop repair

In this day and age, we carry our laptops everywhere we go and it’s safe to say they’ve become an integral part of our day to day life. That’s why when disaster strikes, and you’re left in need of emergency laptop repairs you can trust the team at Less Stress Computer Services to get you up and running again. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of all laptop makes and models, which gives us the ability get to work on any laptop repair job quickly and efficiently. We’ll get your machine up and running using the latest tools and techniques employed by our in-house professionals, leaving you with a laptop that works like new, and complete satisfaction, guaranteed.

We’re experts in all kinds of laptop repair;

Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop Keyboard Repair

HP Laptop Repair

Acer Laptop Repair

Toshiba Laptop Repair

External damage? Not a problem!

Laptops lead busy lives, just like you, and that leaves them looking a bit worse for wear over time. Broken hinges, cracks along the edges and corners of the machine, or damage to the built-in keyboard and track pad. These and other problems can lead to serious malfunctions if laptop repair isn’t conducted soon after you notice this damage has occurred. Without seeking immediate laptop repairs, you may face anything from screen malfunctions to system wide failure that costs you precious time and money.

Liquid damage can occur at unexpected times and wreak havoc on any machine. But at Less Stress Computers we pride ourselves on bringing even the most damaged laptops back to life. With over 15 years’ experience in the laptop repair business, we’ve seen it all and know how to give your waterlogged machine a second chance.

laptop-repair for External damage

Laptop Running Slow? Let us handle it!

Over time and extensive use, your machine can slow down due to any number of problems. From excess data and files clogging up your hard drive, to program and app glitches causing unexpected crashes and resets. Our team of software technicians are highly trained in all aspects of internal laptop repair and can get your machine running at full speed again in no time.

We’re also skilled in virus detection and can remove even the nastiest of bugs from your machine. Speak with one of our capable staff and we’ll diagnose the problem before getting to work on immediate laptop repairs. Throughout our intensive removal process we’ll find and delete every malicious file and program, giving you peace of mind that your data and personal information are being kept safe. We also offer comprehensive virus protection and prevention options that safeguard your laptop against future intrusion.

Prevent the need for laptop repair

At Less Stress, we firmly believe that the act of prevention always beats a cure. That’s why we offer the works when it comes to laptop maintenance and upkeep, to prevent ever needing laptop repairs at all! Simply contact one of our friendly staff and find out how one of our comprehensive care packages can add years of life to your laptop, giving you ease of mind and saving you money.


Are you ready to find a lasting solution to your computer and IT needs?
For expert computer services in the Brisbane area contact the Less Stress team today.